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Florida Chapter of MWA monthly meetings offer members the chance to socialize, learn about their craft, get inspired, and exchange industry news. We meet on the third Saturday of each month. At our lunch meetings, we offer entertaining, educational programs by accomplished speakers. Topics range from craft to forensics to marketing and are intended for both published and unpublished authors. We welcome other professionals in the fields of writing and publishing, plus those who simply appreciate reading a good mystery novel.

Until further notice, meetings will be virtual only and you will not have the option of in-person attendance. A link and password to join the meeting will be sent to members the week of the meeting. There will be no charge to attend.

Check our Special Events page for meetings held in other locations around the state.

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Here are the upcoming meeting dates: AUG 15; SEPT 12 (2ND SATURDAY – moved this date as the 3rd Saturday is Rosh Hashanah); OCT 17; NOV 21; DEC 19


DATE: August 15, 2020 

VIRTUAL PROGRAM: Undercover Drug Investigations 

This presentation will cover aspects of the laws that apply to drug distribution and the names of various street units that enforce the statutes. It will address the impact of social media and how a drug buy develops using both the detective and an informant to make the purchase.

The tools available to detectives during long investigations will be reviewed. These include search and arrest warrants, phone taps, and the “drug kingpin laws.” Also discussed will be the obtaining and placement of a locating device. Writers who wish to have a drug component in their story will obtain a grasp of undercover and long term investigations.


Ken DyeKen started his law enforcement career with the St. Louis County Police Department in 1972.  He served 13 years including 5 years as an undercover narcotics detective.  During this period, he infiltrated major drug organizations and is featured in an episode of the Netflix series “Deep Undercover,” episode 23 or season 2, episode 5. Ken also served as a homicide detective and deputy commander of the Intelligence unit. He took a corporate position in Chicago in 1984 and finished his law enforcement career with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority as the administrator for the statewide Metropolitan Enforcement Groups and Narcotics Task Forces. Ken has written 4 books involving crimes and stories about cops and bad guys in the St. Louis, MO area.  He is a new member of MWA and looks forward to participating in FMWA events.


12:00-12:20: Virtual mingling

12:20-12:40: Chapter business meeting

12:45-2:00: Presentation


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A link and password to join the meeting will be sent the week of the meeting.

There will not be a charge to attend.

Until further notice, the FMWA virtual meetings are open to FMWA and invited guests only. Members, if you’d like to invite a guest, please send their full name and email address to David Wind.

NEXT VIRTUAL MEETING:  Saturday, September 12, 2020

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