MARCH 22, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

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GUEST SPEAKER: Marc Ensign, Nationally Acclaimed Social Media Expert
Program: “Humanizing the Web”
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marc-ensignMarc Ensign, Nationally Acclaimed Social Media ExpertTweet this. Like that. Pin these. Pin those. Whatever happened to just being human? Remember when we used to actually talk to each other? Share stories? Help others? Remember when we were actually friends with the people we called friends? And we called the police on people we called followers?

If you do, you are in luck because we are in the midst of a major shift in social media. And those that are succeeding are those that are human online. Those that are building relationships. That are sincere. That give back. That feed their community.

As a writer, you are one of many online. But as a writer connecting with your audience and stepping outside of your book, you are one of few. The possibilities are limitless. It no longer matters if you are self-published or signed to a major publisher. Everyone has an equal shot.

And the best part? You no longer need to be a ‘guru’ or have a Ph.D. in computer science in order to build a successful media platform and fan base. You just need to be human. And having a computer helps, too.

Nationally acclaimed social media expert Marc Ensign has been featured in/on CNN, the Huffington Post, Inc 500, Forbes, New York Post, PR Daily, Jezebel, and ProBlogger. Learn more about him at

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