Sept. 27, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

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GUEST SPEAKERS: Christine DiMattei, Erik Remmel, and Steve Richards

Program: “Radio for Writers”

Do you dream of hearing your melodious voice on the airwaves? Interested in alternative promotion opportunities apart from social media? Want to engage in an actual conversation about your work with an experienced and talented interviewer? Then join us for this exciting program featuring a panel of prominent radio hosts from diverse facets of the broadcasting industry. Get tips for getting bookings and giving a great interview.

Chris DiMatteiChristine DiMattei is Reporter/Anchor at WLRN-Miami Herald News. Years ago, after racking her brains trying to find a fun, engaging, creative nighttime gig to subsidize her acting habit, Chris decided to ride her commercial voiceover experience into the fast-paced world of radio broadcasting. She started out with traffic reporting, moved on to news . . . and never looked back. Since then, Chris has worked in newsrooms throughout South Florida, producing stories for radio broadcasts and the web. In her other life, she has been married to 12 husbands (including a not-so-wild boar and a garden slug), given birth to 15 children, died four times, twice taken vows as a nun and once been abducted by pirates in the Caribbean. And all this by doing English language dubbing for dozens of foreign films, soap operas and cartoons. Both lives have been good.

Erik RemmelErik Remmel is the Founder and President of Life Improvement Media Group, Inc., a full service marketing and media company. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, Erik started working in the IT department for Alltel communications. He also worked as a Business Consultant and owned a Wellness Center. He launched the Life Improvement Media Group in 2010 and broke ground in Podcasting and Internet Radio way ahead of the craze. In the four years since launching, LIMG has built a loyal audience with millions of unique listeners per year.

Steve RichardsSteve Richards is Operations Manager, Palm Beach Broadcasting. He has been a broadcaster and radio programmer for almost 25 years. Steve always dreamed of being on the radio. It all began with a small makeshift radio station in his basement, broadcasting sports with the sound turned down on his small black and white TV. Steve majored in communications at The New York Institute of Technology, learning and perfecting his craft at the college radio station. He spent the first part of his career working at almost every radio station that existed on Long Island. His full time career, as an on air talent and programmer, has included positions in Philadelphia, Detroit, Memphis, Savannah, Georgia, and now West Palm Beach. For the last three years he has been Operations Manager of three FM stations owned by Palm Beach Broadcasting and host of his beloved feature, “Speaking of Writers” which is heard every Sunday morning. He has interviewed more than 300 bestselling, regional and local authors.

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